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//  Artist:  Nick Testa Jr. 
//  Origin:  San Francisco, CA
//  Genres:  Indie Rock
//  Years Active:  1998 - Present
//  Website:
Short Bio

Since 1998 Nick Testa Jr. has been an active member of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene as both a musician and producer. Cutting his teeth in the rock scene he spent five years fronting the band Every Seven. In 2008 after graduating from Expression College for Digital Arts with a bachelors degree in sounds arts he joined the Bay Area folk/punk band The Filthy Thieving Bastards. The next 5 years were spent touring and sharing the stage with punk acts like X, The Pogues and the Dropkick Murphys. Testa then joined the group Blisses B as their bass player and in-house producer. Testa engineered and produced the Blisses B albums, 30 Days 60 Years and Sea Level Astronomy during his tenure. In 2020 Testa wrote, performed, recorded and mixed his self titled debut album. The record has a raw, post grunge 90s alternate sound that blends heavy guitars and loud drums with delicate melodies and rich arrangements. 



Phone: 415-706-0657

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